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We have choral risers, microphones and public address system available for hire. Download our Equipment List for more details.

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Wenger Signature Choral Risers

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Product Details

We have 7 sets of three step Wenger Signature Choral Risers available for sale or long term lease.

Wenger Signature Choral Risers were designed to incorporate every meaningful advantage: classic black styling; safe, simple setup; lightweight handling; superb stability; strong, quiet performance; easy mobility; long-lasting service; an integrated backrail with safety crossbar; and a full fifteen-year warranty. But what you might appreciate most of all is the easy-to-reverse design. You can change your riser arrangement quickly and securely. They roll easily through standard doorways. From initial set up through final performance, no other riser performs like Signature.

For more details, visit Wenger.

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