A Cappella Re-Imagined

The Baden Street Singers are a mixed choir from Perth, Western Australia with a bold vision for ensemble a cappella singing!
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With an extensive and diverse range of repertoire including barbershop, contemporary choral and pop music, being part of The Baden Street Singers is sure to be a unique experience. Our love for singing takes us to many places, from the wine regions of the South West to Fringe World and all the way to international competitions. Best of all, our music brings us together as a close and tight-knit group of friends—and you’re in from the moment you pass your audition!

Hire Us

The Baden Street Singers are available to hire for both commercial and non-commercial performances. We usually have repertoire to suit all types of events; not to mention an extensive back catalogue to pull from. We can even arrange and learn a custom song of your choosing or improvise a song on-the-spot!

Our New Music Video

In 2020, we commissioned a song from South Australian composer, Jamie Moffatt. We promised we’d make a nice music video for it.

Stjörnur Og Aldrnari is based on the Völuspá, an Old Norse poem about the death and rebirth of the world. We’re proud to feature Tim Chang as our bass soloist.

After a year in development and with the help of David Cox Media, here it is!

Be sure to try it in glorious 4K, and check out some more videos on our YouTube channel, and don’t forget to book your tickets to Up Till Now to hear this one live!